Yorkies, Yorkies & more Yorkies


L001 - Gilda's Sparkle by Russ

donated by Karen Coffey


This item is brand new and no longer being made.  It is by Gilda's Club Worldwide and comes with original tags.



L002 - Puppy Roller Set by Our Generation - 4 available

18 inch doll accessory - 3 years and up

Includes Yorkie puppy and carrier

4 1/2 inches high and 4 1/2 inches wide

$6.00 each



L003 - Our Generation Puppy Set - 1 Available

includes - 1 yorkie puppy, puppy house, blanket, pillow, 3 dog bones, 1 frisbee, 1 bowl, 1 puppyfood can, & 1 puppy food box.

$10.00 each



L004 - Yorkie Cell Phone Holder

donated by Sue Schwarten


Never lose your cell phone again!!  Have a precious little yorkie safeguard your cell while recharging, or use this holder as a resting place when not in use.  Get one now - there is only ONE left.  These will not last long!!!!  These little yorkie holders also make great business card holders!!!!!



 L005 - Aurora

 - Donated by Beth McMillin


This little girl is by Aurora.  She is 8 inches long and has the most beautiful hair!!



L006 - Fancy Pals

Donated by Beth McMillin


This little beauty is 7 inches long by Fancy Pals.  She comes with her own carrier and is removable. 




L008 - Aristocrat Yorkie

Donated by Lee Swanson


This beautiful little Aristocrat stuffed Yorkie is sporting a full coat and beautiful red bow in her top knot. 





L009 - Yorkie Bust

Donated by Lee Swanson


This resin figurine is a bust of  a Yorkshire Terrier head  It is beautifully detailed and exquisite.



L010 - Yorkie Clock

Donated by Karen Coffey


This little resin Yorkie clock has a tail that wags!!



L011 - Pampered Girls Pets - Missy

Donated by Karen Coffey


Missy comes with high-fashion accessories, a pet bed and a special pet carrier so you can take your Pampered Girl's Pet with you wherever you go.  Also included are a lilac hat, pearl necklace and a pink dog brush!!



L012 - Heide Action Dog

Donated by Karen Coffey


Heide will walk forward, bark, sit down, bark and turn a backward flip!!




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