F001 - Talking Babble Ball

donated by Judy Chisholm


It talks, growls, and interacts with your pet.  Over 20 funny wisecracks and sounds.  Start when touched.  Turns off automatically. Some of the sayings are:  "Hot Diggity Dog", "Oh, No", "I'm gonna get you", "Come here puppy", "Yeah Baby", "Ouch! Don't do that".  Runs on batteries - included!!



F002 - Zanies Bears $3.00 each

donated by Sue Schwarten

Choice of colors:  green, yellow, or orange




F003 - Angel Bunnies

handcrafted and donated by Sue Schwarten

$6.00 each

 choice of lilac, green, yellow, pink or blue



F004 - Snuggle Bear Blanket Toys

donated by Sue Schwarten

$6.00 each

choice of yellow, pink, or blue



F005 - BoBo's are here!!!!!

small - $5.50

medium - $6.50



F007 - Rope Toy

donated by Karen Coffey

$3.00 each -One Available

12 inches in length.




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