In Memory of Tia Swanson

8 November 2003 - 22 October 2008


On October 22, 2008 at about 3PM our sweet baby went to the Rainbow Bridge, She was not sick she was perfectly healthy but there was a terrible accident and she died instantly. Tia was born November 8, 2003 she would have been 5 years old.

Tia was the light of my life, the most loving, affectionate little dog God ever created; she was my shadow, my light when I was sad, and my inspiration. You could read Tiaís emotions in her eyes. She was most always happy and made us happy.

Tia followed me everywhere, I sit down she was right there on my lap with her head on my chest giving me a look of pure adoration or just wrapping herself around my neck kissing me, she loved to lay in my arms and sleep while I rubbed her belly and if I stopped she would grab my hand or have all four feet going until I started again. She slept at night with her head on my shoulder and every once in awhile she would lick my neck or cheek just to be sure I knew she was there or maybe to know I was still there. Tia loved everyone and if they held her that special way she would stay as long as they were willing to hold her. I could move her around when she was asleep and she would not wake up just like a baby, I could pass her from person to person and she would be just as comfortable no matter who held her. Tia always trusted me to do anything with her and never made a fuss or was afraid.  She was our Vetís dream patient; she didnít like shots or her temperature taken but if Mom say's it ok she wouldnít make a fuss. Tia had nightmares when we first got her and I would always gently pet and talk to her, over time the nightmares got less severe and less often. Tia was also tuff when she had to be to protect what was hers. She had a few spats with Baby Girl over a toy because as far as she was concerned they were all hers.

Tia was found all alone in the back room of a pet store by my daughter, she was just 6 weeks old and had a bowel problem which was going to cause her to be sent back to the breeder or put down. My daughter got her and cleaned and healed her sore bottom but it took several years and lotís of vet visits before the actual problem was found, it turned out to be a cyst in the rectum causing her discomfort and trouble going potty.

Everyone who met Tia loved her and many wanted her. I thank you God for allowing her in our life even for such a short time. God bless and keep this tiny angel until I see her again. We miss you more then words can say.


Mom, Dad, Dixie, BG and Henry



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