In Memory of Tara




October 31, 1996 - July 26, 2007


Our beloved Tara lost her battle with the collapsed trachea and went to the Rainbow Bridge July 26 2007 at 6:30PM. She was just 3 months away from her 11th birthday.

Our Tara will always be with us in our heart. She was a wonderful addition to our family; we will miss her terribly so I am writing down my memories of her so I always have them to look back on so I donít remember the bad times when she was so sick, however, I will always be grateful to Dr. Bohling and UT for giving Tara 15 months where she could breath easier.

I remember when we brought Tara home for the first time and she had her very first experience with grass. She would make each step really high and be afraid to put her foot down on the cool grass so she would just stand there with foot in the air.

I remember her in her portable play yard that we would put her in for safety when outside, sometimes she would walk right through the holes and at other times she would start bouncing and bounce right over the top of it and come running to us as if to say look what I can do.  She was so tiny and cute and smart.

A particular fond memory was of Tara learning to hunt, she would crawl around the yard with her daddy while he showed her how to hunt crickets, she would get so excited when they found one, when we moved to Florida, they hunted geckoís, she never hurt them, one reason was because she could never catch them but she sure loved the hunt but only when she did it with her daddy. We would never allow her to hurt them. All dad had to say was letís go find a gecko and she would get all excited and head for the door, she knew all the right spots to look and would lead the way.

 Tara had a big fur-brother named Rusty who made it his job to protect Tara and now they are together at the bridge where I am sure he is looking after her again.

 I remember how feisty Tara was, she never met another dog that she could not take on or thought she could take them on. More then once she nipped a big dog on the nose before we could get to her.

 Tara took charge of Baby Girl when baby joined our family, as far as Tara was concerned Baby was her very own and to the end Tara looked out for Baby Girl, If Baby made any kind of noise Tara was at her side in a split second.

Tara used to love those white raw hide chew squares, they were hers and no one else was allowed to have it so if any of the others would get it she would come tell us about it. We were expected to take it away from who ever had it and give it back to her, if we didnít she just got louder and louder until we did.  Those raw hides were like a security blanket for her, she carried one everywhere. If we gave everyone a white raw hide she had a fit until she had them all.  Her brother Rusty always gave it up to her as soon as she cried for it. He would however sneak it back when she was not looking and go where she could not see and enjoy it.

 Baby Girl loved getting a toy that was Taraís particular favorite (which all the small ones were her favorite) and walk right past her rubbing it against her nose. Baby knew that it got Tara going and did it with a gleam in her eye.  Baby Girl loved teasing Tara.

 Tara loved to go in the car and in the Motor Home; she was a good traveler except she would only ride in my lap. We could not in any way say no to Tara because she never took no for an answer, when she wanted her way she did not let up until she got it and boy was she ever determined. Tara traveled all over this United States and we loved having her along for the ride.

Tara knew so many words and how to spell a lot of them. I always believed she could read minds, She knew if I was about to give her medication because she would watch my every move, I would try to hide my action but as soon as she was sure she took off to the bedroom to hide.  She also knew when we were going away and always wanted to go along so when we couldnít take her we started telling her we were going to the store, after awhile she got the idea that the store was someplace she would not want to go and would sit back and let us leave without any trouble, she also taught the others as they came along not to bother asking to go along if we said we were going to the store.

 At night if Tara got cold she would tap me on the head for me to raise the covers so she could get under, most times I barely woke up because I could do it in my sleep.  Tara liked snuggling close to me at night. She also like me kissing or rubbing her belly.

 Tara was the boss around here, we knew it and so did her fur sisters. We allowed Tara her way because she did not have a good start in life, yes we spoiled her terribly but she deserved it, we just wanted to give her a good life and erase all the bad things she had to go through during her first six months of life. Tara was not just a dog she was family.

We know that Tara came into our lives for a reason and she gave with all her heart. She loved as well as she was loved and will live forever in our heart.

Tara Swanson we will always love you and always miss you. Rest now my sweet baby




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