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A Look at the Bond Between People and Their Pets


Emily Scott Pottruck

100% of the proceeds from the sale of this autographed book will benefit the fund of your choice - the UT Angel Fund (Liver Shunts), the UT Fancy Fund (Collapsing Trachea), or the NCSU CREATE Fund (GME).

This is a beautiful hard cover coffee table book dedicated to pet lovers everywhere.

The cost of the book is $30 and S&H is included.  Books will be sent media mail insured.  Your purchase goes to benefit the furbabies who are afflicted with these illnesses.  Let's fight the cause together.



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What people are saying

There are lots of books about pets, but few illustrate as graphically the crossover of ages and socioeconomic classes that pets link. Also, seldom are 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of any book given to animal welfare organizations. While the book is filled with stories and photos of ordinary people, some of the subjects are well known.  "It didn't matter who it was; people are people and their pets are their pets," Pottruck says.

 -Steve Dale, Pet Central


“My family and I have been blessed to have so many wonderful companions over the years, from our Springer Spaniel, Sam to our turtle, Waterboy.  Our animals are a part of our family.  In Tails of Devotion, Emily takes a fascinating look into the relationships between pets and their owners.  The city of San Francisco is lucky to have someone who understands these relationships and has turned her passion into a project that will better the lives of all inhabitants of the city.”

- U.S. Senator John McCain


“How we care for our pets is a window into our character. Emily Pottruck takes a loving look in that window and shows a side of humanity we rarely see.”

 - Judy Woodruff, TV Newscaster and Al Hunt Jr., Columnist


"Three woofs and three meows to Emily Scott Pottruck, for shining a bright spotlight on that tender meeting point where humans and animals somehow bring out the best qualities in one another."

- Arthur Golden, Author, Memoirs of a Geisha


For the past 35 years, my career has focused on enhancing the relationship between people and their dogs. Tails of Devotion: A Look at the Bond Between People and Their Pets captures the magic and celebrates the diversity of family structures and the pets that bring unconditional love into our lives—whether the animal is a purebred or rescue and whether the people are famous or not. Simply put, if you love people and animals, you will thoroughly enjoy reading this book. Tails of Devotion is also a very generous humane endeavor; as author and publisher, Emily is donating every single penny derived from the sales of this book to a number of animal welfare groups. Tails of Devotion belongs in every veterinarian’s waiting room and on every coffee table.

-Ian Dunbar PhD, BVetMed, MRCVS, CPDT, Director, Center for Applied Animal Behavior

Author of How To Teach A New Dog Old Tricks


Turning through the pages of Tails of Devotion was like taking an inspirational walk through my life as a veterinarian I see and read the stories of unconditional love that I witness daily.  The book is a reminder of why I choose to devote my life to the care of animals and why, even 20 years after receiving my DVM, I still take great pride and garner enormous satisfaction from what I do.  But more powerful the book simply made we want to take my Scottish Fold kitty, Emma, in my arms and tell her that I loved her.

-Cynthia RL Webster, DVM, DACVIM,

Associate Professor, Department of Clinical Sciences, Tufts Cumming School of Veterinary Medicine


As a dog behavior counselor and the president of an animal related non-profit I am fortunate enough to see the tremendous connection between people and their animals on a regular basis. Tails of Devotion gives the rest of the world a glimpse into the best of what I see everyday. Animals are our teachers and Tails of Devotion is their textbook. There is a wonderful place at the end of the book for you to add your own tale of devotion. This feature allows for you to author your very own happy ending.
– Kelly Gorman, President, Open Paw Inc.


Tails of Devotion reminds me, whenever I pick it up, of why I am in dog training. The bond that is indescribable between dogs and their families is laid open on every page. It is a marvelous insight into what we in dog training strive to achieve – a better bond and clearer communication.”
– Jean Donaldson, founder of The San Francisco SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers, and author of The Culture Clash, Dogs Are From Neptune and MINE! A Guide to Resource Guarding in Dogs.


The book is both elegant, and very moving. Great book.
– Celeste Fripp, Best Friends Animal Society


Devotion, indeed, as Emily Scott Pottruck discovered in her journey to write and self-publish Tails of Devotion: A Look At the Bond Between People and Their Pets. Pottruck’s book contains handsome photographs and hand-written stories of deep attachment from a remarkably diverse a group of pet keepers, some of whom articulate the same undying loyalty toward beloved lizards and snakes as the dog devotees express toward their woofers. The book costs $29.95 -- a bargain considering you get both a beautiful book and the satisfaction of knowing all proceeds benefit animal charities. 
– AskDog Lady.com


Those of us who care for animals recognize the special relationship that exists between people and pets.  Tails of Devotion, A Look at the Bond Between People and Their Pets is that rare and wonderful book that expresses all of the love and affection we feel for pets and animals in the course of our lives. Emily is a terrific storyteller who has compiled dozens of intimate snapshots of the relationship between the famous and not-so-famous and their pets.  This story is straight from the heart and communicates Emily’s sincere admiration for the work of veterinarians, nurses, technicians and people who care for animals. 

-Dr. Peter Emily, DDS, AVD, Dip.AVDC


Tails of Devotion is more than just a coffee table book. This book does what few books on animals manage to do, which is to attempt to raise the level of human consciousness about the necessity for relationships with companion animals and the sacredness of those bonds. At a time when companion animals are still largely regarded as “property” by many, this book will add to the growing understanding of the need to treat companion animals as valued members of our extended human family.

-Karen Leslie, Executive Director, The Pet Fund




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