In Memory of

Suzi Q Brown



Sunrise June 2, 2002

Sunset December 30th, 2010



My dear lil lady Suzi. You were such a princess. You were so well behaved & always used your manners.  When you come home you were seven months old  only weighed 2.75. With all the stress of traveling you went down to 2.25. Dad & I drove to Elko to pick you up from the plane. You were so tiny. Your first month with us I didn't know if I could save you or not but I gave it my all. I fed you every few hours with an eye dropper then we moved on to a spoon. It was kind of hard as Kandi your half sister had come home just a few months before & she was feeling left out with all the attention you were receiving. After a month we had really bonded & you were on your way to being a healthy kid.   Kandi & you played so hard in the front yard what a pleasure to watch. Within months after you came home you & Kandi were diagnosed with MVD.   I was determined to do all I could for the both of you & that your home would  be the best ever. You didn't play much after you got sick but still were so dedicated & committed to me. We had a really strong bond. I remember how you would always turn on your back for a belly rub that was your most favorite thing in life so dad & I made sure you got your belly rubs all the time. you  would lay in my lap for hours & was so content. I had a carry bag for you & we would go everywhere together. A few months after we lost Kandi I thought you should have company again so we brought Spunki home. Your nose was sure out of joint over that. But before long you  accepted her & every once on awhile you would. play. Your favorite toys was yellow ducks. When someone would say duck you would pop right up. You also had a big duck on the bed you would snuggle into  when you went to sleep at night. All your things have been kept & put away. I am so sorry for what happened to you Suzi. I have not been able to forgive myself. I tried to save you but I couldn't do it. It was horrible knowing that there was nothing I could do for you. I have waited almost 6 months for you to let me know you are alright. I will continue to wait for your visit. I know you are in a good place now.  But that don't help the emptiness in my heart & the kisses I no longer  get from you. I keep you close to me every night beside my bed. Someday we will all be together again - until then I will always love you, miss you & think of you daily & all the joy you brought to my life that I no longer have.

I love you Princess


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