IDEXX Snap Test


Dr. Karen Tobias

17 July 2007


In the US, we have an IDEXX Snap Test that allows measurement of bile acids from a single drop of  blood.  Unfortunately, the maximum reading it will give is 30 (bile acids greater than that are listed as >30.  Our hope is that the company will eventually develop a more sensitive test that will at least tell us the actual bile acids measurement up to 100; I would certainly be more worried about a dog with bile acids of 100 than one with bile acids of 31.  However, we can be fooled by that as well- last week we surgically corrected a shunt in a 5 year old Lhasa apso female that had no clinical signs (except for slow anesthetic recovery), normal blood proteins on chemistry, and bile acids of 30 and 13 on the first testing and 30 and 15 on the second testing. 


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