In Memory of

Sasha Couchman



January 23, 1999 - October 1, 2010



Sasha was our first Yorkie and she was such a sweetheart.  She was also so very smart.  She was a happy, healthy go lucky girl until about 2 years ago.  It started with an abscessed tooth usually not a big deal, so we took her to get her teeth cleaned and removed the bad once...when we found out her ALT was very high.  She was treated with antibiotics, but still did not get better.   Then she hurt her leg, after x-rays, it showed nothing, so we treated it as a sprain.  After more then 10 days we went for a second opinion and he treated her leg with steroids and pain medications. I was only able to treat her for 3 days then more blood work had to be done to see how her liver was handling the meds.  The shocker was that now her Alt was over 700 and medications had to be stopped.  Thank god the meds were enough to heal her leg, but we had to get to the bottom of her Liver and had an Ultrasound done. She was diagnosed with chronic hepatitis and had bladder stones as well as kidney stones.  Over all she was doing fine and was stable all this time.  The last 6 month we watched her decline slowly and it was so sad to see that she did not want to go on walks anymore, so when we took her we carried her....while her brother Taz got his exercise.  She started to withdraw herself from the family and hung out in our bedroom most of the time.  She rarely came out to greet us anymore and we had to go find her to take her out to go potty.....but most of the time she just went in the house.  Then I noticed her tongue became very mushy, the rare times that she would give kisses anymore....was very strange.  Then the last week of her life, her tongue was so weak that eating became a huge struggle for her and a heartbreak for us to watch.  So I took her with me when Taz went for his walk and I talked to her and let her know how much she was loved and that I was going to send her back to be with Jesus again.  I know deep in my heart, she was ready and she is now happy and playing again.

Sasha, aka. Beaners, aka. Chunky Monkey, We love you and you will never be forgotten and always be in our hearts.


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