In Memory of

Ricci Brown



Sunrise April 15th  1992

Sunset July 16th,  2002



Ricci my sweet baby girl. I had never had a soul mate till you came along.  We were so close.  You went every where with me just about. It seemed as though you always knew what I was thinking. You loved to eat, On Thanksgiving & Christmas I would always fix you a small plate. You were never trained but you could sit up for over a minute with your lil back just as straight as a arrow. I grieved for the longest time over you.  Our life together was cut so short. I had you for about ten years. You were always so healthy. Then you got sick. I tried everything to make you well & nothing worked. You were in so much pain & you clung to life knowing I wanted you to stay with me. It was one of the hardest things I had ever done in my life but I had to let you go. I have you close to me every night. When I get to the bridge we will all be together again. I will never forget you or stop loving  you. You are free from pain & have Daffy, Suzi Q, Kandi & Sabrina to play with until  our day comes.
 Ricci my soul mate, forever in my heart you taught me the true meaning of love.


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