The Reflecting Pool


There is a special place in Heaven, just across the Rainbow Bridge, and a right turn to follow the path to where many special pets stay. You will know you are at the right place when you see the water surrounded by pets and shady trees. There is a very pretty reflective pool here, but none of the animals drink from it, because nobody wants to make ripples in the water's surface. You see, the pool is actually a window so the pets can look into to watch over their beloved people.  You know which pets they are, the ones who did all they could to stay with their beloved people. Some became ill or injured during their lifetime, others were born with something not quite right, but they all know you loved them deeply as they were. This place was created specially for them.


They all stand or sit at the water's edge and gaze lovingly into the pool. Some just come over to look for a few minutes, others will stare into the pool for a long time.  All they need to do is think of their special person or people, and look into the pool to see them.  Some will see their human has met or adopted some new pet to guard them and play with them. They will dip their head to drop a tear or two into the pool, to be sure there will always be water for the next visit, or the next pet, then walk away to play with their new friends until you come for them.
Others, mostly the new pets here, will sit and look into the pool for hours.   All the other pets let these guys stay as long as they want.  Some are still healing from the injuries or illness that caused them to get here, some, before their time. These pets are so new here that the pain of missing your touch or hearing your voice is still worse than the pain they knew on earth. The reflective pool helps them see their beloved human and send thoughts of love to you. Some will touch the water's edge, in an attempt to touch you once more, and fall in before a tall gentle angel lifts them gently out. He gives each an angelic kiss before he sets them back at the water's edge. You will know whenever that happens, because you will "almost" see or feel your pet, once again, at the furthest corner of your eye, or the lightest brush on your skin. You could be anywhere when that happens. Its another message of love, to tell you they are well, and well tended, in His care.

Terry Powell



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