Emergency Plans

Every pet owner who has had to leave their home in a hurry, head to a basement during bad weather, or been out on a trip, knows that having an emergency plan/kit is critical for the wellbeing of their pet(s).  We have provided pet owners with a recommended list of items and suggestions to help you prepare in the event of an emergency.


1.  Have a crate readily available and set up in case you must evacuate your home quickly or head to a basement for shelter, or you must leave in your vehicle

2.  Keep a blanket inside the crate with harness and leash.

3.  Keep an emergency kit/bag prepared at all times.  Items to include are pet food, bottled water, medications with a list of dosages and diagnosis, pets name, phone number and address, Veterinary name and address.  Especially important for pet owners who have pets that are on special diets and medications. 

4.  If you have a multiple dog household, tags with names on collars/harnesses are very helpful.

5.  Keep a favorite toy/chewy available in your crate as a comfort tool in case your pet gets stressed.

6.  Have a doggy emergency kit/bag prepared - Include items such as Benadryl for insect bites, pepto bismol/Imodium for upset stomachs/diarrhea, empty syringes (minus the needles) to administer liquid medication.  Rule of thumb for administering liquid medication is 1ml per pound of dog.  Please check with your vet regarding liquid medications for your pet. Additional items to include are water, food/water containers, silverware, blankets, wee wee pads, brushes, combs, leashes, wash cloths, small scissors, cotton balls/swabs, beach towels, baby wipes, tick remover, vet wrap bandages, rubber gloves, antibiotic ointment,

7.  Keep extra blankets, carriers, leashes and harnesses, flashlight in your vehicle at all times.

8.  Prepare a letter saying that your animals should be taken to your veterinarian should you become incapacitated.  The letter should also say that the vet has permission to treat your animals and that you will be responsible for all medical bills.  It should also state  that if you are out of town, your animals should be transported to the nearest veterinary hospital, and that your veterinarian should be contacted for medical history etc.  Several contact names and numbers of your dog friends should included.  You may even wish to include information on the attorney/POC who has a copy of your will.  Make copies of this letter and keep in your wallet/purse, emergency kit, in the storage compartment of your crate, and in the glove compartment of your vehicle.

9.  Keep an extra charger for your cell phone packed in your emergency kit or keep in your vehicle along with extra sets of house and car keys.  Include your vet's number in your cell phone and label vet so that emergency works can find the number.  Also include an ICE (In case of Emergency) phone number in your cell phone.  When you put ICE numbers in your cell phone, you may wish to label as ICE  (Spouse), ICE (PETS), ICE (Friend), etc.




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