Medical Corner

Update 1

by Chelle Zulick



There are some exciting Behind-the Scenes ventures going on in the medical world relating to CT and GME….


Chelle Zulick (Stormy’s mom) is working with the human cardiologist in her hospital and Dr, Bohling at UT to get the two groups talking to each other to discuss different methods of improving today’s’ stents for tomorrows success.  CT also happens in the human world but not as often as seen in the puppies.  It is devastating for both, so research involving both professions is key to getting everyone on board to create the best stent and best technique for all.  There is hope….There are numerous people out there working on CT and trying to treat this horrible disease the best way possible.  UT has had great success with the specifically designed Infinity Stent.  Bella , a little tiny Yorkie from California had her surgery Oct 12, 2007 and so far she is doing wonderful.  Sue does such great work with these little puppys and their parents.  She keeps up with these CT babies and will keep everyone posted on recovery for the CT baby’s coming into UT for amazing treatment/surgery.  UT is one of 2 Universities currently performing this surgery and Dr. Bohling is making wonderful progress with these stents and current procedures.  Chelle continues to work with Dr. Bohling and her cardiologist, cardiovascular surgeons and vascular surgeons to discuss and collaborate on research ideas and investigative studies in the area of thoracic stents.  The research will continue so that treatment is the best that it can be and out little CT babies can breathe without struggling. 


Chelle is also working with a number of doctors from various universities along with NCSU  interested in GME.  This research is pretty much in its infancy for the Maltese and Yorkies.  There has been some extensive research done with the Pug breed but what is so interesting and difficult about this disease is that it is not necessarily the same in all breeds.  The main similarity is that this disease is immune-medicated it is devastating and usually ends in death.    Therefore treatment can vary and finding the best treatment for a specific breed is a huge undertaking. GME is on the rise, more and more cases are seen every year in both the Maltese and yorkie breed.  The Maltese breed appears to be suffering a great deal from this disease hence the need to start specific research for the Maltese.  The European International Neurological Veterinarian Conference was held the end of Sept in Switzerland and the topic was GME.  Even the veterinarians in Europe are seeing an increase of GME.  Chelle will be meeting with the Neurologists at NCSU the end of Oct and will have an update about the conference and what the plan is for the future here in the US and in Europe when it comes to diagnosing and treating our babies who suffer from GME. 


Puppy Prayers and Blessings.  There is Hope, People do Care and with everyone working together we will find answers. 


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