In Memory of Kandi Brown

Sunrise - 2 October 2002 

Sunset - 10 March 2008

Cheyennes "Kandi" Kisses I Love you

My dear Kandi you are so missed. Your Auntie named
you right when she would call you "LIL MISS ATTITUDE"
- you sure had a cute one. I will never forget when I
brought you home from Tucson at just 1 1/2 lbs & 3
months old. What a bundle of joy. You always had a
special place in my heart & always will. Daddy, Auntie
& Sissy miss & love you so much. We were all so
hurt to have lost you so soon in life. Some of the
things you did will be with us forever, like not
letting Sissy near me,  the way you would snuggle in
bed with me, the way you would play with your cat
balls. I saved all your things in memory of you. I
still call your name sometimes. There's been times I
know you were here visiting & I thank you for that. I
just hope you are happy & out of pain my precious
baby. Someday we will all be together again & the
emptiness we now feel will  be gone. Join your cousins
Daffy & Riccirai to keep you company until we meet.

Love & forever in our hearts Mom, Dad, Aunt Vickie &
Sissy Suzi Q



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