The “New” Greenie


The original owners of Greenies have sold their product to  S&M NuTec, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mars, Inc., headquartered in North Kansas City, Missouri. This company has reformulated the Greenie.  You can get more information on the new Greenie at their website:

Many of us are a little skeptical about taking the word of a company that has money invested in a product.  So, the Yorkie Angel Patrol asked the Greenie folks to give us greenie samples so that we could give them to the University of Tennessee for testing.

The University of Tennessee has taken a look and run some tests on the new reformulated Greenie.  The news is good!!  The tests show that the NEW greenie turns into a mushy, cookie dough-like consistency.  This means that the new Greenie is not an obstruction risk as the new Greenie now breaks down in water!!

The caveat to all of this is if you go out and buy Greenies for your furbabies, make sure it is the NEW greenie and not the old greenie.  The packaging on the new Greenie says "New" in french and in english.  It also says "Easy to digest".  If it does not have this information on the outside of the wrapper, the chances are you are holding an old Greenie.  The new Greenies are scheduled to hit the market this month. 

The choice to give your pet Greenies is a personal call.  Many toy dog owners are not comfortable giving their dogs any type of chewy or rawhide.  We hope we have provided you the information to help you make your own personal choice.

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