In Memory of Boomer Scott Pottruck


The Cuteness of Boomer

(Feb.8.1998 – Aug.10.2009)




Boomer was the cutest dog.  Really.  It is not IMHO as his human guardian – it is a fact that had been verified by the countless of children who petted him, the adoring adults who marveled and cooed at him (and gave him tons of treats), and the other dogs who wagged their tails at him.  So if you accept this as fact (which you really need to do), then we must examine the underlying factors of the cuteness that was Boomer:


His eyes – gorgeous, mesmerizing, big, dark brown eyes with luxurious long lashes (without the cost of Latisse).  And they spoke the volumes of what Booie was thinking – happy, funny, sad, hungry, annoyed, or tired thoughts – you got the gist of his mood by his eyes. 


His tongue – puppy kisses were never so soft and tender as were Boomer’s. 


His face – the Ewok face.  They could have used his face as a prototype.  When cupped in both hands, you fell in love – because said action emphasized his incredible eyes.  His nose, his mouth – everything was incredibly well proportioned thus achieving cuteness by a factor of infinity.


His body – total boy.  Sometimes athletic, sometimes a little Buddha belly.  And the most adorable tushie that you ever saw on anything other than a human baby.  I swear.


His hair – curly, thick, soft hair with the best coloring.  Yes, I did bring him in to the hairdresser as an example of what my “natural” color should look like.  Doesn’t that tell you anything??


His walk – guaranteed to make you grin.  He strutted his stuff and wagged that tushie as if it was an Olympic sport worthy of a gold medal.  Always a total crowd pleaser.


His run – what can I say – as fast as the wind.  Especially when there were birds to be chased.  Running around a corner was a Keystone Kops imitation.


His cuddles – indescribable.  If you combine a hot water bottle, a heating pad, your favorite blanket, and a great massage, you will be at about 50% of how fabulous Boomer’s cuddles were.


His idiosyncratic behavior – I will be kind to you, dear Reader, as this list would be very very long if accuracy is to be achieved.  In brief, almost all (see I can be realistic when I choose to be) made you not only smile, but laugh. His characteristics produced so many nicknames that there were questions as to what his real name truly was.  It never ceased to surprise me how often Boomer made me laugh out loud at the same things almost daily.  And this happened for 11.5 years.  Who would have thought that could happen (other guardians is the correct answer to this question)?   It was magical how he not only produced laughter but also melted my heart, lowered my frustration level, centered me on what was important.  Better than any multi-vitamin on the market, better than any comedy movie, show, or cd.


Ok, the poops, vomits, peeing everywhere, growling at Andy, eating anything and everything on the ground weren’t so cute.  But, IMHO – perfection is highly overrated.


The luxury of having Boomer to entertain and love us and us to him has ended.


He was supposed to outlive the Riordan doggies.  His journey over the Rainbow Bridge after only gracing us with a mere 11 years, 6 months, and 2 days is yet another example that the world is not spinning in proper alignment.


Have fun, my pup-of-love.  You will always be healthy now. Wag that adorable tail of yours and bestow as many licks as you want to. Bubba and Lilli are waiting for you. Don’t be scared of the other doggies you have yet to meet – all doggies are friendly on the other side. 


Emily Scott Pottruck




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