A Tribute to Bandit


Diane DeeWaard



Along came Bandit 
We were trying to think of a name for her-she had markings like a mask over her face-The first time I looked at her my heart was hers.

She was dubbed 'DeeWaard's Tiny Heart Bandit'-- Bandit held me capture for her entire life- I could look at her and the look in her eyes was total love , trust, and  happiness. I had to reply " I love you too". This little Baby was my soul mate, we did everything together, but we had only 8 yrs.. I lost her to a collapsing trachea at only 8yrs., in spite of monumental efforts to save her.. My heart is broken and will never entirely heal.
I knew from the moment we got Bandit that she was a very special angel in my life.

She is watching over me even now and is the 'background'  for my web site pages. There will never be another Bandit....I am saying this through my tears.  


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