Collapsing Trachea

Clarence "Bake" Baker - The Man behind the UT Fancy Fund

Collapsing Trachea Update from UT - 26 May 2009

University of Tennessee The "Fancy" Fund Brochure

Collapsing Trachea Support & Chat List

New - Collapsing Trachea Question and Answer

Collapsing Trachea Update - 30 Oct 2006

Collapsing Trachea by Dr. Krahwinkel
This is an easy to ready technical document on collapsing trachea.

New - Jana's Guide to Collapsing Trachea

My Story by Mr. T
This is a personal story written by Mr. T of his fight with collapsing Trachea.  Sadly, Mr. T lost that battle on 27 October 2006.

Tara's Story by Lee Swanson
 This is a personal story written by Lee of her journey with a collapsing trachea dog.  Tara lost her battle with CT on 26 July 2007.  May she rest in peace.

Bandit's Tribute by Diane DeeWaard
A tribute to a beautiful little yorkie that died from collapsing trachea.

Baby Girl's Story by Jana Papa
A journal of Baby Girl's fight with collapsing trachea


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